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Fed up with RISING AD COSTS?
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If you're getting fed up with rising ad costs, and you're always chasing your next customer, read on...

I was recently speaking to one of my ambitious business owner clients about travel when I was reminded of a specific time in Italy.

I was walking down an old road littered with potholes in Rome, talking with a friend and having a great time and a laugh. Looking at all of the cars, people and buildings as we chatted.

A local tour guide with a New York Yankees baseball hat on asked me "Do you know what that is?", pointing behind me. As I looked over my shoulder and put my hand on my pocket so he couldn't pickpocket me.

After looking for a few seconds, I turned back around and replied "No idea mate", staring, confused.

"That's where Julius Caeser was assassinated," he said... I was shocked and in awe that something so pivotal in history, something so important to the way the future was heading could have been so easily overlooked, and passed by.

I couldn't believe I almost walked straight past it.

This is exactly what happens in business when it comes to the data and customers you have.

So many businesses are too busy looking at the new shiny objects or occupied with chasing new customers, they don't take the time to stop and look at what they already have.

Looking at this stuff may not be as "sexy" as looking for new customers, but it is much more profitable especially long term to your brand.

As soon as you start to maximize the impact of what you already have, your ad costs go down. I say this because your customers spend more per order, and order more frequently, so in relation to your Lifetime value and maximum cost per acquisition, you ad costs decrease.

You also have more time to focus on being your customer's most trusted partner in their life, which in turn increases the stability in your currently unstable business.

I hope this was helpful. All it takes is a few small changes in the right places which can change your entire business.



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